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Most replica handbags are of an incredibly low quality, with a considerably reduced lifespan as they are renowned for ripping, discoloring or having zipper issues in the first couple of weeks since they have been purchased.  The materials used in the manufacturing process are of a poor quality, especially when it comes to Miu Miu handbags that are made out of leather. The cheap knockoff material used instead of genuine nappa leather gives the bags reduced durability while its uneven, unpleasant synthetic nature makes the bag’s texture look and feel bad.
The quality of the lining material and zippers is also appalling. In fact, the most common problem with these knockoff bags is that the poorly stitched lining tears open within the first couple of uses. Forget about storing valuables as they may disappear behind the interior lining or be lost all together. The zippers also have a tendency of breaking, a particularly troubling aspect as you may not be able to pull out your ID, your wallet or your phone in a timely manner if the situation calls for it.
Another problem with these Replica handbags is the unbalanced design features. While some replicas come close, the vast majority rarely resemble the original bag. They have a disproportionate size, different design elements, different colors or features. This can be one of the major reasons to stay away from replica bags as being spotted with such a blatant knockoff will certainly be embarrassing.
Yet another aspect that should keep you away from replica handbags are the conditions they are made from. They are usually put together in sweatshops in China and other Asian countries where workers are often underage and poorly paid. In fact, employees of these sweatshops have to work long hours for salaries that won’t allow them to move to a better place. This allows replica handbag providers to sell their inferior product at such small prices. By purchasing these handbags you are indirectly feeding this type of unjust labor force assuring a bleak future for many third world citizens.
So to support your favorite fashion brand while making sure you have a unique and beautifully made product that wasn’t put together at the expense of someone’s misery you should definitely stay away from replica handbags.


Among a lot of high end handbags and a lot of Miu Miu bags, this lovely blue padded Miu Miu is truly something that stands out. Maybe it’s the colour, maybe it’s the smoothness and high quality of the leather it’s made of, or maybe it’s both, but the handbag is definitely a winner even for something that can be so unique and pretty hard to pair up with other clothes. But it’s elegant, and has a very royal touch to it. There are also two other models in brown tones for those who want something a bit classier.

padded miu miu 1

Those who want to stand out usually choose accessories that are more colorful, playful and dynamic; this particular handbag will certainly provide that sense of uniqueness for women who are different and want to show that to the world. A blue handbag with a smooth style will certainly provide you with that unique touch that your outfit needs. You will show the world that not only you are not afraid to accessorize with crazy collars but you are comfortable to look different.

The lovely polished gold hardware will definitely provide you with the glamorous feel you need to take this handbag to more select occasions. Being a small handbag it is an excellent addition to an outfit that is very elegant. It definitely doesn’t allow for many items to be carried but it has enough room to carry your important essential items such as your keys, phone, agenda and a wallet. There are also a few small inside zip pockets and open pockets so that you can make sure that you keep everything well stored inside and easy to reach. The metal lettering logo on the outside provides people with the information that you are carrying a designer bag without being too ostentatious and giving the feeling that you are trying to show off. There is a Mouflon leather lining that makes the handbag even more durable and comfortable to touch. The 60 cm polished gold chain shoulder strap gives it an exquisite feeling and makes this handbag as elegant as it gets so it can be paired with your favorite most luxurious dresses.

Miu Miu Bugatti Bag


Bugatti is one of the biggest names in luxurious automobile industry on the planet. Famed for its beautiful and extremely fast models, it is a favourite among the world’s richest people and cars aficionados. Cars produced by Bugatti aren’t just about meeting the expectations of their luxurious clients. They are about celebrating technical achievements and creating a beautiful masterpiece. The same goes for Miu Miu Bugatti, in partnership with the amazing brand, it has managed to create a handbag that expresses a higher sense of fashion; a handbag that remains in your memory for a very long time and a handbag that manages to incorporate within a pretty simple design an elegant idea of fashion.

The Miu Miu Bugatti comes as an elegant accessory for a woman of class, a woman who knows how to be sure that her presence is known. A bag designed for a woman who stands out in a crowd.

The Bugatti handbag is a smooth leather handbag, comfortable to wear and very soft to the touch, it has very high quality leather and the design of the bag allows the wearer to accessorize any outfit with it. Since it’s so versatile, this particular handbag manages to be a perfect accessory for women who prefer a more elegant style as well as those women who are opting for smart casual attire.

A thorough analysis of this handbag shows us that it has a lovely textured leather with two top handles and a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. This means that you can easily modify this bag according to your needs, making it even more of a flexible accessory. The designer plaque is shown in a subtle manner on the front but the lovely gold hardware matches beautifully with the rest of the design, giving the handbag a feel of opulence without being too ostentatious. Inside you can easily keep your essentials secured by using the internal zipped pocket and the three patch pockets. It has a line of lovely brown suede and a tasselled two way zip fastening along the top so that everything is safe inside.

If you are having doubts about this lovely handbag just think of all those boring outfits in your wardrobe that could certainly do with such a great improvements because the Miu Miu Bugatti is a handbag made to upgrade every outfit and make any woman feel like a princess.


nother great advantage when it comes to this lovely handbag is the detachable chain shoulder strap with a leather padding which gives it a really interesting and exquisite look, definitely adding to the overall elegant look of the outfit you will decide to wear with it. So, buying this handbag is a great decision for somebody who wants to have something classy and exquisite. Miu Miu bag offers an incredible accessory for those who can truly appreciate simplicity and distinction in its purest form – a handbag crafted with the finest materials.

leather shoulder purse

leather shoulder purse 3

leather shoulder purse 2

It’s extremely important for a woman to have an accessory that fits any occasion; whether we are talking about a simple necklace or a pair of “universal” shoes, there should be the equivalent of the “little black dress” in each category of items we are wearing. When it comes to purses, the recipe for success is pretty simple: have something with a colour that manages to go well with any outfit and has a simple design and you can be sure goes well with everything. A great example of such a bag is here, this lovely soft calf shoulder purse is just a great buy and a smart purchase for someone who is looking for something that will be their universal accessory. This also means less money spent on accessories that are dedicated to certain events and also less choices you have to make when going somewhere. The handbag has been crafted with high quality soft calf leather with a nappa effect, a leather that is not only smooth and soft to touch but also extremely durable. It’s also quite subtle when it comes to its shine since the effect is a semi-gloss one with a light grains, appealing to those who don’t want to seem like they are showing off.

There’s also a flap closure with a new snap lock clasp that makes reaching inside easy but also keeps everything well secured. The inside zip pocket and cell phone pocket are great for keeping your essentials in place. The metal lettering logo on the outside is small and very subtle, not like the logos that can be found on other luxury handbags that simply scream “look at my designer handbag”. This is great for someone who enjoys the quality, look and feel of a designer handbag but doesn’t want people to think they are trying to stand out too much.

Fairytale Little Bag from Miu Miu

The Little Bag from Miu Miu, it almost sounds like a fairytale. We’ve featured a lot of mini bags at BRAGMYBAG, but it seems like there are no endings. We keep finding more, better and most importantly affordable.

Meet the Miu Miu’s latest creation, it’s only available at Miu Miu store for now. A small bag in bi-color, refined in golden hardware. Simple and easy, made with two compartments that can be opened and closed with zippers. It comes with a long detachable shoulder strap and it’s built from pebble goat leather.

A small bag in bi-color, refined in golden hardware. Simple and easy, made with two compartments that can be opened and closed with zippers. It comes with a long detachable shoulder strap and it’s built from pebble goat leather. How to use Miu Miu’s little bag Sale? Think of it as a little pouch bag, store your small essentials inside and you’re good to go. Measuring 20 x 12 x 6 (L x H x W) in cm.

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Saying that a specific brand is the epitome of trends specific to a season is a risky thing to say, but I am willing to take that risk. Although any replica Miu Miu handbag in the collection may not be exactly on the trends of spring, I can certainly say that the majority of them are… Especially one Miu Miu replica handbag style in particular.