Goyard St. Louis

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The Goyard St. Louis tote on the other hand is much more demure, and the print is optical-illusion-esque with small logo brand imprints all over. Like the Neverfull the Goyard St. Louis is very functional and versatile offering a LOT of space, and a neat little pouch on the interior to keep your small stuff in. The bag has gorgeously soft leather finishings. Now as a replica bag, I will say that I have not seen many good copies of the Goyard St. Louis. There are a lot of mediocre replicas out there but they aren’t made with the same care and usually something about the pattern tends to be off. However, as usual, I ordered a counter quality copy of the bag which means that these small things are taken into consideration by the manufacturers and this is what make the bag look pretty much identical to the original.

The Goyard St. Louis tote really reminds me of the Louis VuittonNeverfull, and I like to liken them as cousins that are similar yet very different. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull in the classic Monogram print is very in your face – the brand LV’s initials are splattered all over the bag.


Perfectly Varsace Mini Palazzo Emprie Bag


When you think of the ideal Versace woman, you probably imagine someone Amazonianly tall, endlessly leggy, extremely blonde and curvy, but in a fashion way. A supermodel, but more in the vein of Victoria’s Secret than the alien babydolls preferred by high fashion brands over the past 15 years. In short, you’d imagine Gigi Hadid, and you’d be right.
Gigi has formed a close relationship with Versace over the past few years, staring in several of the brand’s campaigns, walking its runway and, most importantly (to us), carrying its handbags while on paparazzi-covered jaunts through New York and LA. Of all the Versace bags in her closet, it seems like the Versace Palazzo Empire Mini Bag is her favorite, specifically the black-on-black version.
The small size and all-black finish help to tone down the design’s distinctive Medusa hardware just a bit, and although the bag is small enough not to be cumbersome, it’s still big enough for anything you’d need on the average Saturday. As you can see in the photos below, it also translates quite well to Saturday night.
It looks like having the supermodel’s endorsement has paid off for the bag’s popularity; we couldn’t find Gigi’s exact bag in stock anywhere,

Now let’s focus on something we can all agree on: Gigi Hadid’s eye make-up, and how awesome it is. Gigi is actually seen here leaving a photo shoot in NYC. She’s carrying her favorite bag of the summer, the Versace Mini Palazzo Empire. She’s been carrying this bag almost exclusively for weeks.

A Small-sized Hermes Birkin

For those who follow the fashion world, the names Bella and Gigi Hadid are instantly recognizable as the young, rising model sister-stars of the street style world. In addition to being born with a certain amount of inherent privilege (genetic and otherwise), the Hadid sisters are practically the poster children for some of fashions most covetable trends.

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That is why it was considered an interesting deviation for Bella Hadid, when about a month ago, she was photographed sporting a bag that looked quite a bit like a small-sized Hermes Birkin, but (gasp) wasn’t. Upon closer inspection, the fashion world drew in a collective breath. Could it be!? Hadid was actually carrying-around a knockoff!?

The answer to that is yes, and no. The bag is one made by Japanese brand READYMADE, and “knocking-off” (I think they’d be more inclined to call it “paying tribute”) to some of the most popular bags on the market is kind of their thing; the “Birkin” that Hadid was carrying was actually their “Travel Bag”. However, what makes READYMADE different is that their bags are made completely with repurposed military surplus gear. So what appeared to be the sort of strange, suede-like fabric of Hadid’s “knockoff” Birkin actually was used military-grade all-weather canvas.

Armed with the knowledge of what the bag actually is, does it change our collective outlook? Again, at least for this writer, the answer is yes, and no. Yes, it is a cool idea to create some of popular culture’s most iconic bags in repurposed format, but does the end justify the means? This is where the answer may be a resounding “no”. After all, if it looks, acts, and feels like a knockoff bag, isn’t it still really a knockoff bag? Well, yes. Until you get to the price point. The READYMADE travel bag will set you back upwards of $2,200 – a price point that only the privileged would even consider shelling-out for a replica bag.

So while theoretically Hadid’s bag may have been an attempt at a political statement, it was one done through a distinct filter of privilege that makes the whole thing fall as flat as the olive green canvas it’s made with.

Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Classic Monogram Speedy Alma Neverfull Boite Chapeau

From April 25th, Louis Vuitton unveils its Men’s Fall-Winter 2018 Precollection in exceptional spaces.
The Maison presents an outstanding sportswear collection created by former Artistic Director, Kim Jones. The reworked Monogram Éclipse fabric bears the iconic Upside-Down LV logo. Visitors can preview this new Monogram Upside Down Ink fabric starting April 25th at the Louis Vuitton Coasta Mesa South Coast Plaza Men’s Store in California. The Store will present special limited-edition leather goods, accessories, shoes and ready-to-wear pieces featuring the Maison’s Vivienne mascot. The collection also stands out for its slogans “Have A Vuitton Day” and “Louis Vuitton Forever” printed on select pieces.

The sturdy and elegant Petite Malle in Damier reflects the rich history of the Maison. Inspired by trunks created in the 1800s, it is printed with the 3 crosses signature of beau monde photographer Albert Kahn. An exceptional and lasting piece.Removable leather strap,Monogram canvas body with Calfskin trim in Golden color finishings and Golden color S-lock. Magnetic closure with Lambskin lining and 1 open pocket.

Prada Saffiano tote

Prada Saffiano tote is one of the most classic bags along with the Hermes Birkin, Chanel 2.55, Lady Dior and LV Speedy just to name a few. Yet, the Prada Saffiano is more wallet-friendly than the Chanel 2.55, better fitted for the younger person than the Hermes Birkin, more work appropriate than the Lady Dior and more practical than the LV Speedy.

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Prada changes things up so much from one season to the next on its runways that I didn’t have any terribly specific for predictions for what kinds of bags would grace the brand’s Spring 2018 runway, and if I had tried to guess, I would have undoubtedly come up far short of what Prada ultimately put together: a fun, aggressive, but not-too-serious slew of bags with punk details, inspired by the gritty world of comic book heroines.

The bags with illustrations (which will be immediate street style fodder, it goes without saying) are cheeky and very much in line with Prada’s occasional tradition of using artwork on its bags—most notably the fairy bags of the mid-2000s—but that’s not all the runway offered. There were also excellent, simple leather bags that the brand hasn’t shown before, as well as super-functional nylon pieces accented with studs and straps, bridging the gap between the brand’s longstanding lines and the seasonal bags. They looked like the kind of pieces the women in the illustrations might carry on their quests to stylishly save the world.