Replica Chanel multicolor flap bag

The Chanel Cruise 2017 Collection is mostly inspired by the culture of Cuba, so you can expect a lot of bags in multicolor. Here, I introduce the Chanel flap bag in multicolor. As we all know, Chanel 2.55 flap bag is calssic in the collection of Chanel. New element ooze in the vintage flap bag every year. This year, I saw a full-new Chanel multicolor flap bag. The design is still same with the classic flap bag. But the detai of flap bag place different color to consist of a special flap bag in 2017.

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Chanel multicolor flap bag is different of course, especially the colors. However, how many times have Chanel crafted such a multicolor bag with black and green on the flap edges, green and red on the bottom, and the CC logo highlighted in red. It’s just a unique style. Sheepskin with silver metal chain handle, you can shoulder and slanting back. One flat zipper pocket inside. The silver tone hardware make this bag more elegant and gorgeous. And sheepskin inside.


If you’re seeking for a flap bag but cannot afford the Classic Flap Bag right now, then perhaps this will help. New arrival always has a high price and only sell on authentic site at first time. Especially with the Chanel multicolor flap bag 2017. Replica Chanel Classic Double-C Buckle Sheepskin Check Color A93691 Yellow with a affordable price. Not replica Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag in Lambskin are bad at all. A best knockoff Chanel multicolor flap bag is worthy of investing. I am the one who like to buy high replica handbag. And I won’t miss the latest pieces from my favorite brand every time.


But I think I need to tell you a place you can buy it at first time while the bag put on authentic site. Fake Chanel multicolor flap bag with high quality. But this time I just want to tell you. This bag is really unique. It will make you outstanding when you wear in crowd. Someone who are the fans of Chanel has been made the video on Youtube. So, if you want to buy it, just act quickly.

Chanel Large Quilted Pouch Bag

If you only have one pouch bag to take with you when you travel, explore, and discover the world, the designer Chanel Large Quilted Pouch Bag is definitely the perfect choice you have made.This pouch bag is such elegant, bold, and sophisticated that it is everything you could ever ask for.

We’ve previously featured Chanel’s Large Quilted Pouch a few weeks back and now we are going to talk about it once again this time taking an up close and personal look at it.

A quite sizable pouch bag perfect for travels and weekend getaways with friends or family, this latest Chanel leather creation is just the one to reach for before stepping out of the house.


With its ideal size, this quilted pouch bag from Chanel can definitely hold your make up essentials while you’re hitting the road, on a lazy boat, or while you’re on a plane. It can hold your contact lens case, lipstick, blushes, concealer, and your other beauty must-haves so you won’t have an excuse for not wearing make up while you’re out there gallivanting.

Sophisticated and elegant at the same time, this pouch comes in several colors you can choose from such as black and red. With its modern approach on the quilted pouch fever, this one is even made more beautiful with its CC clasp.

Measuring 9.4′ x 13.8′ x 1.4′,this Chanel Large Quilted Pouch Bag sale is made from sheepskin.What’s more,this Chanel Large Quilted Pouch Bag is perfect for storing your make up essentials while you’re on the road. Because it can not only hold your lipsticks, blushes, mascara but also several other beauty must-haves .So,you never have to worry about your look while you’re gallivanting and at the same time meeting new people.

With its modern take on the quilted pouch bag, this one is even made better by the CC clasp.Sporting the classic and all-time favorite black color, this pouch bag is sophistication and finesse personified. However, it’s no ordinary CC clasp as the same has undergone some beautification process for it is now in black and the edges painted in gold.


Chanel’s Metiers d’Art collections

With a runway show that takes place outside the traditional fashion schedule, each year, Chanel turns to a different location to pay tribute to the workshops that provide the house with everything from lace to silver buttons and fine embroidery work. After Rome last year, Salzburg in 2014 and previous shows in Dallas, Edinburgh, Mumbai and New York, Chanel will be staying at home for Métiers d’Art 2016 and showing at Gabrielle Chanel’s former home, the newly re-opened Ritz, in Paris, December 6. Step inside the ateliers themselves, for the story behind the house’s relationship with Lesage, Desrues, Lemarié, Maison Michel, Massaro and the other houses that make up the Métiers d’Art partner network.

Chanel’s new Metiers d’Art Paris in Rome 2017 bags hit stores today, and we have the collection’s lookbook, which includes nearly four dozen bag. The bags are, of course, totally beautiful and many are wonderfully detailed, and in that regard, they really don’t need any explanation.

As with all of luxury Chanel’s Metiers d’Art collections, this one is themed around the place where the debut show was held. In this case, that means that some of the bags are theoretically supposed to have a bit of an Italian inflection, but more than that, the collection seems to recall a particular era of Italian film.